Craig Sweeney-Essex: 25th February 'Building Together Part 3'

This week, Craig continues the 'Building Together' series with the third instalment 'The Work of Private Prayer', including some practical points for prayer. Six key passages for continued study:

  • Matthew 6:6
  • Matthew 14:23
  • Mark 1:35
  • Luke 5:15-16
  • Luke 6:12
  • Luke 9:28

A link for purchasing '5 Things to Pray For Your Church' can be found here

Craig Sweeney-Essex: 19th November 'Journeying Together Summary'



This week, Craig brings us a summary of the 'Journeying Together' series. As well as recapping what we've discovered through his teaching and bible study, Craig also brought some prayer points to conclude the series;

•We would be a church who are willing to do everything the Lord commands us

•We would be prepared to leave behind what is unnecessary

•We would be prepared to go when and where the Lord tells us to

•We would be a church who intentionally and faithfully seek to spend time with the Lord God – when alone and when we are together

•We would see many people come to place their trust in Jesus Christ and follow Him

•We would always take a wise approach when aiming to discern the Lord God’s will

•We would be a church who sees what’s in front of us and responds accordingly

Whilst these are directed to the church, they also apply to our everyday lives.

Craig Sweeney- Essex: 8th October 2017 Journeying Together Week 5 'A Wise Approach'

Craig Sweeney-Essex brings us the fifth instalment of the sermon series 'Journeying Together'. This week, the focus is on Acts 15:1-21 as Craig explains the 'Wise Approach' that we can take as Christians. 

Study notes are available to church members and attendees. These provide a detailed look at the passage that is being studied.