'Baptism: What's the Point? Part 1'. Rev. Craig Sweeney-Essex, 17-3-19

As part of our commitment to Christian discipleship (one of our four key values) we offer believers baptism to all those who have declared that they have turned to God and placed their trust in Jesus Christ with the intention of living as Christian disciples. Those being baptised are dipped or immersed (the meaning of the word baptism) in water in our baptistery pool. This is located under our stage and is opened up and filled with water on the day of baptism.

We have two baptism services coming up in the life of the church at CBC in April and October 2019. In order to help us to understand more about why a person might receive believer’s baptism we will be exploring some of the key principles behind it over the next four weeks. These principles are helpful to us even if we have already been baptised since they are part of and inform our everyday Christian discipleship.

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