Student Life and Ministry

At Central Baptist, we appreciate that student life can be a wild rollercoaster from day one. We describe ourselves as a family church, which is what we are- a family. We strive to create an environment for everyone to reach God. If you are after a church where you are treated as a family member, then we hope we're the perfect place for you.

We encourage students to actively engage with our house group network and to take an active role within our Sunday service. Also, as a student you can be paired with someone (or a family) in church in a 'buddy' system. 

With various church lunches, house groups and with a strong sense of fellowship, we aim to look after our students and guide you through you university life, whether you're an undergraduate or a post-grad student.

For more information, please do check give us an email. 

We'll be at Leicester University Christian Union Church Fair on Thursday September 29th and De Montfort University Christian Union Church Fair on Thursday October 6th, so do come say hello!