The Carey Exhibition

Central is the location for a museum dedicated to the work of the pioneer missionary, William Carey, who was instrumental in the formation of the Baptist Missionary Society. There are two universities in the USA bearing Carey’s name.  The William Carey University of Pasadena California and the William Carey University of Mississippi. Visitors are welcomed from all over the world.  Recently from Singapore, South Korea , Australia , and recently a group of Bishops from India including graduates from Serampore University, founded by Carey in 1820.

There is a Blue Plaque commemorating William Carey in the entrance arch at the Holiday Inn, which stands on the site of the old Harvey Lane Church and Carey’s Cottage. In the Hotel lobby is an explanatory panel describing Carey’s work. If you would like to know more about the William Carey Museum, which is open to view every Sunday or other times by prior arrangement, please contact us

Artifacts in the museum

The artifacts found in the museum are subject to change, but below is a selection of what is available to view:

  • Six Tableaux designed by D. P. Carrington in 1938 (see below)
  • Shoe making tools from Carey's time. (He sold his own at an unknown point in time)
  • A model of Carey's Cottage in Harvey Lane
  • Transfer Letter of Mr. Carey and wife from Moulton
  • Communion Chalice and Plates from Harvey Lane Baptist Church
  • A selection of letters written by Carey.
  • A selection of documents and letters relating to Carey's ministry

Many more artefacts are available to view.

William Carey: The Story Told by Tableaux

Below are images taken of the William Carey story that is on display in the museum as told by tableaux. More information can be found on each tableaux image by clicking the images.